dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Sjaja Designs - Big boobs (Lolas) outfit!

Hello lovelies,
A special post with some great outfits for all the ladies that have big boobies!

IMPORTANT: This blog is for all ages! 
But i hope we are all 18+ Irl (even if we play child on sl).
So some photos that you will see will show some naked skin...
(and no i dont mean a belly with that haha).

So, as i said time for some BIG BOOBIES fashion!


Sexy body suit♥
 Designer: Sjaja
Name product: Bitch Body
**Belt in 5 sizes - Collar - Suit - Applier for Lolas and shape (not the one in the picture)**
L$: 99

Next one shows some "Naked skin"

Sexy and cute outfit♥
 Designer: Sjaja
Name product: Splash Outfit
**Belt in 5 sizes + 2 Alphas - Shorts in 5 sizes - Top and applier for Lolas**
L$: 175

And the next outfit is also from Sjaja!

Dont panic - I know im sexy!
Pic from the back
 Designer: Sjaja
Name product: Dont Panic
**Jacked in 5 sizes + Alpha - Panties in 5 sizes - Applier for Lolas**
L$: 175

Join the sjaja group for some great giftts!


Happy shopping ladies!

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