Hello, thanks for reading my blog!!

So you like to know more? Well here it comes!

About the blog:
I started this blog after thinking about having my own blog for almost 1 year!
I didnt do anything with it, because there are already alot SL blogs...
But after months i still wanted my own SL blog... So here it is!
I  didnt wanna write about just one thing... I want a blog that is fun for everyone!
All species..
 New or already longer on second life!
Just a blog that can help/entertain others!

I will write about:
Fashion - Stores - Designers - Clubs - Good places - Hunts - Games - Cheap stuff - Dollarabies - Freebees - Breedables - Animals, just everything!

About MamiChella Resident:
Please, call me Chell/Chella/Chelliej/Chelley! 
My avatar is very new, but i joined sl for the first time in march 2008.
Im very open-minded and sometimes i talk way too much (for some people haha).
But sometimes i will be quiet... Because im shy or just AFK.
I love to joke around, i can be very "childish" but serious when needed!
Second life, for me, its just a place to have fun and a good time!
 What i like to do:
Blogging, fishing, shopping, travel around and check out new places, dancing & music, animals/breedables, Hosting, Making stuff, meeting new people/friends and good chats!

What i dont like:
Begging, rude people, animal abuse, child abuse, people that ignore new ones only because they look "noob". Bitches/Machos (People that are thinking they are everything and better then everyone). 
Fakers, People that dont understand the word NO or stop!

SL jobs: Hosting
In the past:
Ad-Agent: Calling MM boards, making ads to spam in MM groups
Model: Greeting, helping, posting ads in groups.

About me irl:
Michelle, 26 years old from holland.
Proud mommy, preggers (due 6 aug 14) & wife.
Animal lover 

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