donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Child stuff: Cute Outfit

Hello my lovely readers!

Finally we (me and my friend) found some time to make some pictures!
As i say in "about" this blog will be about everything in second life!
But its hard to blog about other stuff then female fashion... Because i only have this human adult female avatar.
But well, my friend wanted to help me, so she wanted to model for me.
 So she will do the most blog posts about child stuff.

In this post she will show you a very cute outfit FREE!!!
♥So cute!
 Info: Please read! Because not every child avatar can wear it!

First off all: She is a Toddleedoo baby (thats the HUD).
You can buy the hud Inworld
There are 2 sizes: Baby (That is she) and Kid.
Outfit info:
Dress + Leggings:
Designer: *Baby Pie*
Name product: Alexis 2013 Group Gift
**Includes: This cute dress (if you dont wear the skirt its also a cute pants+top outfit!)+leggings and Socks (She dont wear the socks in the pictures!).**
L$: 0

Face tattoo, flip flops & Sunglasses:
Designer: :KC:
Name product: Sparkly Blue Bikini (Toddleedoo gift)
**Includes: Face tattoo, flip flops, sunglasses and bikini (she dont wear the bikini in the pictures!)**
L$: 0

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