vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

Another Fashion Wardrobe round b!

Hello again!

Another blog post with great fashion!
All at one place: Fashion Wardrobe!

In this post:
DeJaaVu and Forbidden Closet Designs!


I love it♥
Designer: DeJaaVu
Name product: Demi in blue
**Pants: 1 with ribs 1 without - Blue top and the white under shirt**
L$: 100 Only at Fashion Wardrobe!
**Regular price: 159!** 

::From the same designer::

Designer: DeJaaVu
Name product: Noora (Neutral)
**Top in 5 sizes + Alpha - Skirt in 5 sizes + Alpha - Skarf - Belt**
L$: 250 Only at Fashion Wardrobe!
**Regular Price: 300!**


Lovely sneakers♥
Designer: Forbidden Closet Designs
Name product: Skully Trip Sneakers
**Shoes + Alpha and Shoebase**
L$: 100
**Forbidden Closet Designs - next to the Fashion Wardrobe store - Check the Skully Trip outfit!
Later pics of that outfit!**


Till soon lovelies!

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