donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Fashion Wardrobe - New round with new stuff! Justice Designs & Delicious!

Hello again!

So a new blog with other stuff from the new round @ Fashion Wardrobe.

 In this one i will post the stuff from Justice & Delicious.


Lovely FULL outfit ladies!
Designer: Justice Designs
Name product: True Love
**Includes:  Top - pants - Boots - Alpha - Lola & Tango applier**
L$: 100


Bitchy tattoo with a cute star!
Designer: Delicious
Name product: Bitch tattoo
L$: 55

From the same designer!

Designer: Delicious
Name product: PreciouS (name of the color)
**Availible in 5 colors!**
L$: 90 

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