donderdag 6 februari 2014

Grumble @ Thrift Shop 4!

Hello my dear readers,

Its almost time for the thrift shop 4!
Yes in a few hours it will open!
7 Feb 2014!

In this post you will see some of the items from Grumble @ TS4!

Thrift Shop 4.0 Poster

And here the Grumble items!
Prizes etc on the pictures!
A cute mini skirt! We all love bows right!?

Zombie girl power!!!!

Aww cute bags :)

Old skool! Casettes! ♥

Very cute for valentines day!

Sexy top!


Wow sexy heels!

Awesome shoes! <3 pink!

Matches perfect with the casette for in your mouth!

As you see, alot goodies!
So tp over to thrift shop & Grumble because there is alot more!

TP: Grumble
TP: Thrift Shop

Have fun shopping lovelies!

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